Toppers Driving School offers the Behind the Wheel class that students 18 years of age and under are required to take in order to get their Virginia Drivers License.  The prerequisites to take BTW are that student hold a valid Virginia's learners permits, they have completed both the 36 hour drivers education class and the 90 teen parent class.  The BTW program is a test for students to receive their license at the completion of this course. Although there is driver instruction during this class, student are expected to have road experience prior to taking this course.

This course is a 7 day class, which consist of 50 minutes of driving and 50 minutes of observation each day.  Students are required by the State of Virginia to go out in pairs to complete both of the aforementioned requirements.  If the students want to partner with a friend who also needs BTW that is encouraged, if not Toppers Driving will look to partner them up with another student.  We generally start students or Monday and complete on Sunday, however we can adjust to accommodate different schedules.  We offer before school (7-8:40am), after school (4-5:40, 6-7:40pm)  classes during the school year and from 7am - 8pm during non-school days.

The cost of the behind the wheel is $275.00 payable on the first day of driving. The amount is payable by cash or check (make checks payable to Toppers Driving School.)  Instruction provided does not guarantee that any student will pass the state licensed examination or that the student can secure a license, or guarantee employment, upon completion of the course.  If a student fails there final road skills test, they will be allowed to retake the test at the cost of $35.00  There will be a waiting period of one to four weeks to retake the test depending on the schedule of Toppers Driving School.